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Mjalli Investment Group NOOR (MIG NOOR) is a privately-owned company offering alternative energy solutions for residential homes, commercial properties, governments and militaries, at a global level. Headquartered in the United States, MIG NOOR is a subsidiary of Mjalli Investment Group USA (MIG USA), who manages a wide range of investments, spanning across a range of various sectors including education, healthcare, trade, energy, agriculture, construction, real estate, entertainment, and other sectors.

At MIG NOOR, we provide solutions for energy needs.


Sociocultural values can impact the economic growth of a country. Creativity and innovation are two core values resulting from culture, upbringing, and a holistic approach to education. This combination of orchestrated factors creates an appropriate educational system to prepare the global workforce for a robust future. In many countries, this approach is often not available and thus a region’s potential is not fully developed. Education directly feeds into two components of this cycle and has the potential to bring peace and prosperity to economies. Science, in addition to innovation, plays key roles in fueling entrepreneurs to develop technology and products that translate into economic growth. From this vibrant economy, peace and prosperity will be achieved and fed back into the cycle.

These developing countries represent an untapped emerging market with great potential for investors. Investment opportunities arise in a range of sectors that are underpinned by a well-educated and young labor force, an efficient banking system, attractive cost structure, and strategic geographic location, among other elements. Yet, there is often a general lack of entrepreneurial skills within developing countries, which is essential for competitiveness. This causes an imbalance between available knowledge and skills in the marketplace.

With higher incomes, citizens and governments can afford to invest more in health, science and education. This is an interrelated relationship; greater health and education surges productivity, as well as household income. Hence, strategic investments in health, science and education are catalysts for promoting long-term economic growth and prosperity.

Realizing the potential for profitable investments in developing regions and the need for greater efforts to spur economic growth and sustainable development, Mjalli Investment Group USA (MIG USA) is committed to supporting new strategic investment initiatives aimed at initiating and sustaining economic growth. In pursuit of this vision, MIG USA is investing in a diverse range of sectors including education, health, science, trade, alternative energy, agriculture, construction and services. However, creating opportunities is only half of the equation. Having a trained and talented workforce to execute and sustain these initiatives is paramount. To mitigate such a problem, MIG USA also contributes to the development and education of skilled, productive, creative and innovative individuals to create a healthy workforce. Understanding the essential role human capital plays in enhancing sustainable economic growth and development, MIG USA pays close attention to educational and employment opportunities for women and youth.

This is our passion and our focus.


Executive Chairman, Mjalli Investment Group USA (MIG USA)



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