Government Solutions

Government Solutions

The Warfighter – Lithium Ion Power

Bren-Tronics is an advanced designer and manufacturer of primary and rechargeable batteries, chargers and complete energy storage systems from watt hours to megawatt hours.

UltraCell – Remote Power Systems

Technology Summary

• Only micro fuel cell which can be stored and operate -20 to + 50C
• Orientation independent, does not freeze or dry up
• Up to 3x weight savings compared to batteries after 24hr
• Quiet for stealthy operation
• Can be used in confined spaces
• Man portable and stationary outdoor options available

Hybrid Energy Advanced Trailer System (HEATS)

I. Winner of the acclaimed CERDEC award, HEATS is a self-contained, mobile power platform featuring an array of high energy battery systems alongside rapid-deploy wind and solar devices, all designed to extend your fuel supply and keep power on your side.
A. MIL-Standard
B. Easily deployed by a single person
C. Wind, Solar, and Diesel generators on-board
D. LTT-FE Trailer Platform
E. User-friendly visual display and data logging
F. AC Synchronization allows multiple HEATS to form a mini, rapid deploy grid

II. HEATS can capture over 15KWh of energy in a single day, drastically reducing the need for conventional fuel.

Micro-Grid Power Generation

BRENERGY™ provides complete power systems across wide energy ranges to suit your needs. Our systems operate from 400W to 60,000W with storage optimized to match operating needs. Integrate with Solar panels or Solar farms and BRENERGY™ Power Solutions enable reliable remote power for a variety of user scenarios.

BRENERGY™ Power Solutions support Hybrid energy storage by linking any combination of Solar, Diesel Generator, Grid and Energy Storage. The BRENERGY™ Series of scalable building blocks let the customers needs dictate the energy solution.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

KTI Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are categorized into five (5) groups in accordance with the U.S. Department of Defense classifications. Table 1, DoD UAV Classifications depicts Groups 1 - 5 by UAV attributes, i.e., size, weight, operating altitude and air- speed.

Mobile Radiation, Chemical and Biological Intelligence Complex

WR-613 is mobile complex for transmission of radiation, chemical and biological (RCB) data. Functionality

• Radiation, chemical and biological intelligence service
• Samples delivery to stationary and mobile laboratories
• Distribution of RCB intelligence service through radio communication channels to control points